The future of banking is bright.
The future of banking is civilised.

CivilisedBank is a simple concept. It’s our idea of what a bank should be.

People and technology working together to help UK companies do business and people save money.

It’s time to make banking more civilised. And that starts with putting you first.

Business banking online and on your doorstep

With CivilisedBank, business banking happens where you do business. You’ll always speak to someone you know. They’ll serve your needs enabled by reliable, innovative technology.

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Personal savings,
online, working on your behalf

We are committed to making your savings work hard and our customer service excellent, responsive and helpful.

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CivilisedBank moments

From thoughts on what it means to be civilised to discussions about restoring trust in banking: watch points on our journey to making CivilisedBank happen.

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CivilisedBank's People Take the Bankers' Oath

Local Bankers bring Relationship Banking to Businesses

Making technological innovation work for people

How to promote a new bank when banks have a bad reputation

CivilisedBank's People Take the Bankers' Oath

“CivilisedBank is set to receive further funding from current investor Warwick Capital Partners, subject to regulatory approval.”
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“Small business owners have voiced concerns over bank branch closures, poor customer service and a lack of understanding about SME requirements.”
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“The survey of UK SMEs from CivilisedBank [...] also reveals that more than half (55 per cent) of those surveyed believe that it is not a priority for banks to act in a ‘civilised’ manner.”
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“CivilisedBank has appointed James Heath as CFO and Andrew Holmes as CTO. The two appointments are key as the bank continues its build phase towards launch in early 2018.”
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“CivilisedBank... has agreed terms for a further round of funding from current investor Warwick Capital Partners. The Bank also appointed highly experienced banker Philip Acton as CEO...”
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The Bankers Oath

We’re the first in the UK to sign up to the Bankers’ Oath. It encapsulates the values we believe in and uphold. All our staff will abide by it.

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