The Bankers’ Oath

We take civilised banking seriously. That’s why we collaborated with ResPublica to hold a breakfast panel session entitled 
Vocational Banking: Restoring trust and confidence in financial services

A renewal of banking culture

This forum featured a keynote speech from Martin Wheatley, at the time Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, and a panel discussion between Sharon Bowles of the London Stock Exchange, Alison Cottrell of the Banking Standards Board, CivilisedBank’s Chairman Christopher Jolly and Res Publica’s director Phillip Blond. They debated ways in which to renew banking culture based on the concept of vocation and personal responsibility, and the benefits this can bring to both industry and consumer.

Our commitment to putting you first

Taking the Bankers’ Oath as the first in the UK is our commitment to the best possible service and civilised practice. We encourage all UK banks to commit to the principles outlined in this oath.

Watch our Chairman Chris Jolly share his thoughts about The Bankers’ Oath.

Read The Bankers’ Oath | Download (PDF 134kb)