What Businesses want from their Banker

Business owners tell us that they want their banker to understand their business and changing needs. When we launch we’ll provide just that.

Whilst building CivilisedBank we’re not currently authorised to offer banking services.

Relationships matter more than ever

We think the purpose of a bank is to serve your needs. That’s why with us you’ll speak to your personal Local Banker: an experienced professional on call to help you do banking.

If your business has a turnover of more than £1m you can benefit from the personal support of our Local Bankers.

Business banking putting you first

With CivilisedBank, business banking will happen where you do business. Our Local Bankers will come to you, no need for you to go to a branch. You might already know them, or will get to know them in your local community.

You’ll always speak to someone you know, be it your personal Local Banker or their support team. And when you need decisions about financing fast, if the necessary details are in place they can make that decision, or at least tell you when to expect it.

Banking technology that serves people

No one likes wasting time making technology work. When we launch, ours will serve you and the bank staff supporting you, reliably. It will run in real-time so your Local Banker can respond faster. You and the bank will access up to date information for faster, better decisions.

Faster, easier and better online banking

The way we see it technology should enable your business. We'll build it to be faster and easier so you can be productive, on your desktop, tablet and smart phone. Even innovative technology is best when you don’t have to think about it. That’s civilised online banking for you.

Customer support at hand

From launch, when you need help our customer support team will be there to help. They’ll have a complete picture of your relationship with CivilisedBank. You’ll be able to rely on them to deal with any issue fairly and with respect.

Oh, and all of our people will take an oath to put your needs first.

Because it’s time to make banking more civilised.

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