How to promote a new bank when banks have a bad reputation

A Q&A session with Phil Hawkins, Managing Director, 2112 Communications

2112 Communications is CivilisedBank’s trusted brand and advertising agency. The CivilisedBank team has even shared office space with Phil Hawkins and his team. They know us and our brand really well.

In this video interview Phil gets quizzed about how to promote a bank in this day and age, with people’s trust in banks still reeling from the scandals of the last few years.

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Here’s a transcript of the video "How to promote a new bank when banks have a bad reputation: Q&A with Phil Hawkins, Managing Director, 2112 Communications.

When you think back to first hearing the name CivilisedBank, what struck you most about it?

The great thing about the CivilisedBank brand is that it wears its heart on its sleeve and [is] creating expectations which you have to live up to. If you don’t live up to them, especially in the world of social media, you’re going to be torn apart and exposed as a fraud. So its very, very important to live up to the brand that you’ve created. And that’s a really exciting challenge.

Given banks generally have a bad reputation these days, how do you see the CivilisedBank brand show that its different?

There may have been a time when everyone expected their banks to treat them in a civilised way, but I think that expectation has long gone, and now people treat banks with a sense of cynicism and distrust which actually the whole CivilisedBank brand is trying to overcome, and re-establish an integrity into banking which has probably gone missing over the last few years.

Please tell me more about the values CivilisedBank stands for.

The future of banking is civilised, is the brand promise of CivilisedBank. Their raison d’être is to enrich the future financial wellbeing of individuals and businesses in the UK. CivilisedBank will stand out as a beacon, and set the marker for other banks to aspire to.

In developing the brand values for Civilised Bank we were looking to give them more humanity and less business focus, so it’s not all about money; it’s about attitude, its about approach and awareness. Being responsible with people’s finances is really, really important. But also being responsible with their lives is really, really important too. So it’s actually about treating people with respect and that money is an important part of their lives, but not their whole life.

Fundamentally their aim is to be open and transparent with their customers and their staff. So its about keeping promises, and explaining why if they can’t do something, why they can’t. And how things could change and how they could be better, but its really about communication, respect and doing the right thing, and actually treating people in the civilised manner, which is fundamental.

As a business owner, what’s your favourite thing about the CivilisedBank concept?

When you’re running a business its very important to have partners you can trust and rely on. I think the CivilisedBank promise is to become that partner, become that addition to your team that you really need to help you with all of the day to day pressure, financial pressure that you get with running a business. Whether its cash flow or investment to grow the business, you need that partner that will take some of that weight off your shoulders and allow you to get on with what you do best, which is to run the business.