Local Bankers bring banking to businesses: Q&A with CBDO Hazel Hellier (Video)

Interview with Hazel Hellier, Chief Business Development Officer at CivilisedBank

You may be aware that CivilisedBank sets out to challenge the existing banking culture, no less. We will bring relationship banking to businesses in a way that is new to the UK.

Local Bankers will play a crucial part in this. Our Chief Business Development Office (CBDO) Hazel Hellier explains how Local Bankers will offer businesses better banking and how CivilisedBank ensures that they can solely focus on what customers need.

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Here’s a transcript of the video "Local Bankers bring banking to businesses: Q&A with CBDO Hazel Hellier”.

CivilisedBank will have Local Bankers.  What is a Local Banker?

A Local Banker is an experienced banker who is known in their local community, and who goes out to visit customers at their premises. Therefore, they get to know their customers really well and build long term relationships; they’re on call when the customer needs them. In essence it’s what traditional banking used to be - relationship banking upgraded through top technology.

How are Local Bankers different from other banks’ relationship managers?

Firstly, the Local Bankers will be branchless and will have all the technology that they need with them to support the customer, and provide excellent customer service. Secondly, the focus is on what the customer needs, being responsive to their needs by providing advice to the customer and being able to service them in the right way. Thirdly, Local Bankers will have decision making authority. So, when a customer asks them for something they are able to make a decision locally.

To bring this to life, would you please give an example scenario.

An example of this would be where a customer requires an overdraft for a working capital facility. The Local Banker would visit the customer, would discuss the proposition in more detail, and have the ability to make a decision locally without referral to head office and without the computer guiding them to make a decision. This is often very important to a business owner who may need the money at reasonably short notice to complete a business transaction.

How will CivilisedBank ensure Local Bankers focus on customer needs?

Local Bankers will not have sales targets, instead they’ll be incentivised through a profit share scheme.  This will enable the Local Banker to focus entirely on the customers’ needs and build long term relationships. This is unusual in today’s banking world and we want to treat customers in the way we want to be treated ourselves.

What made you decide to join the CivilisedBank team?

When I was approached, I was really excited to hear about a bank that put the customer at the heart of the business. With traditional values that customers like.  without legacy systems and processes. It’s an opportunity for us to ask a customer what they truly want from their bank, deliver an exemplary service through our network of Local Bankers, and for our staff we’ll treat them as they want to be treated; without volumetric targets or incentives. Our business model is great, it gives us an opportunity to shape the future of banking - traditional banking the civilised way.