The Top 5 Bugbears Banks Cause for SMEs (Infographic)

The Top 5 Bugbears Banks Cause for SMEs (Infographic)

Small and medium sized businesses have stories to tell about the relationship with their business bank. A lot of them are not positive at all, and some desperately need a happy ending.

Business owners told us about the top 5 bugbears that banks cause for them:

  1. Inconsistent relationship
  2. Inferior understanding of business challenges
  3. Lack of responsiveness
  4. Onerous processes
  5. Clunky online & mobile banking

Here are some quotes from conversations we’ve had with senior executives that illustrate these top 5 bugbears:

A well-managed relationship tops the business banking wishlist

Senior executives in SMEs value a well-managed bank relationship and great technology. They want capable relationship bankers who are accessible, provide support when needed and keep in touch regularly. Business leaders also want excellent online and mobile banking so they can get their day-to-day banking done with ease.

The following quotes show some of the expectations senior executives have towards their business bank:

Source: CivilisedBank research

What are your bugbears with business banking?

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